1. Suicidal
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Glass full and dressed up to the nines
I'm havin' a great time, fooled ya
I know the more I talk to you
You feel the same way too, don't cha

We just keep movin'
Enjoy it if we can, we're groovin'
But know one understands we're fakin'
and we can't take no more

We hide like lyrics in a song
the drum beat read's us wrong just like a smile
We turn it up but really it's for show
We don't wan't them to know we're suicidal

It seems like there's more than one in every crowd
and we love it when it's loud, don't we
Over the noise we'll choose the night instead
and wake not in our own bed, we get lonely….lonely

We just keep movin'
We suck it up and dance we're groovin'
The music locks us in a trance
and we're safe here, until the lights turn on


Last call we don't feel better at all
Now begins the free fall from distractions