1. Forever, Again

From the recording Don't Let Me Be Alone

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Forever, Again
Blue-eyed with the beach behind ya
I think back and that's where I find ya
First sight and already I gave my life to you
It's been so long since I grabbed your body
Fell back and pulled you down on me
and held on for the dear life that I thought was true
I'd always ask, "How long will you be mine?"
"For as long as you'll have me babe," you said it every time

CHORUS: So I don't believe that it's over
I don't believe it's the end
I want to be with you Forever, Again
If happily ever after
Could ever come after The End
Then we'll be together Forever, Again

I'm sad eyed and I know you know it
So I'll hide till my face don't show it
Do you mind that you haven't really heard from me
Cause I'm alive and I'm waiting patient
For a sign or an indication
That your life out there ain't all you thought it would be
It gets harder the longer it goes on
If you can't hear it in my absent voice you might hear it in my song


If you needed a break from forever
but you want to try me again
I'll always be ready if you say when

With all that we've been through I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
Cause all I want is you, I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you